The Epiphany Catholic Community of

St. Anthony of Padua, St.  Dominic and Most Precious Blood


One Family - Three Locations - All Are Welcome!


      St. Anthony of Padua                             St. Dominic                                Most Precious Blood Church

      4414 Frankford Avenue                           5302 Harford Rd.                                     5010 Bowleys Lane

       Baltimore, MD  21206                       Baltimore, MD  21214                                 Baltimore, MD 21206

         Tel.: 410-488-0400                            Tel.: 410-488-0400                                     Tel.: 410-488-0400

        Fax:    410-488-0032                        Fax:    410-488-0032                                   Fax: 410-488-0032
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At St. Anthony of Padua, St. Dominic and Most Precious Blood, we seek to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is proclaimed in the Sacred Scriptures and in the tradition of the Church.  Through shared celebration of the sacraments, we are empowered for love and service to one another and to our community of Northeast Baltimore. If you are not already a member of a local church, we invite you to join us in Word and Worship.  We extend the same invitation that Jesus himself once extended, "Come and see!"

                                                  MASS SCHEDULE:

WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE                                               WEEKDAY MASS SCHEDULE

Saturday 4:00pm: Shrine of the Little Flower                            Monday 8:00am - St. Dominic
Saturday 5:00pm: St. Dominic                                                  Tuesday 8:00am - St. Anthony of Padua
               5:00pm: St. Matthew                                                           Wednesday 8:00am - Shrine of the Little Flower

Sunday 8:00am: Most Precious Blood                                      Thursday 8:00am - St. Francis of Assisi

Sunday 9:00am: St. Francis of Assisi                                        Friday 8:00am - Shrine of the Little Flower
             9:00am: St. Matthew                                                     Saturday 9:00am - St. Francis of Assisi
           10:00am: St. Anthony of Padua
           11:00am: Blessed Sacrament
           11:30am: St. Matthew

Listing of parishes that are livestreaming daily and weekend Masses can be found at External link opens in new tab or At the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, the Sunday 11 a.m. Mass with Archbishop Lori is broadcast on Ch. 24 (MyTV) Baltimore: Comcast (24), Verizon (509) and DirecTV/DISH (41). The Masses will re-air on WCBM AM-680 at 7 p.m. every Sunday.


Masses are available online (livestreaming and recorded) at some local parishes. For a list of online Masses visit: External link opens in new tab or


If you have not registered for Religious Education or any Sacrament Prep

First Reconciliation, First Communion, Baptismal Prep, RCIA

Follow the link and be sure to fill out a separate form for each person / each situation in the family.

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Registration for Youth and Adult Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation-

The Archdiocese has established a special page on its website for the faithful of the Archdiocese to submit requests for prayers - External link opens in new tab or


Daily Scripture readings are also available at External link opens in new tab or


Weekly offertory gifts are vital to the operations of every parish. In coordination with GiveCentral, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has developed a giving platform to support online gifts during this unprecedented time. The site will allow donors to choose from a list of parishes within the Archdiocese, regardless of whether they currently utilize an online giving vendor, to make a gift through a secure online payment. Any gifts received will be returned to the appropriate parish. Use the linkExternal link opens in new tab or window to donate to your parish.