Parish Pastoral Council


The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to serve as an advisory body to assist the pastor in the implementation of the mission statement of the parishes.  Together with the pastor, its members work to empower the people to make the vision a reality.


The Parish Pastoral Council will:

    • establish committees and programs to develop the goals of the mission statement
    • oversee the implementation of programs designed to reach the goals set by the council
    • secure needed resources
    • allocate the dispensing of these resources
    • evaluate the success of these programs

Finance Council


Responsibility for assuring sound and ethical management of our Faith Community’s financial resources rests with the Finance Council. The Finance Council is an advisory body whose primary purpose is the preparation of the parish budgets, monitoring income and expenses throughout the year, reviewing the allocation of parish investments, and preparing the annual financial report for the individual parishes. Members are appointed directly by the pastor and have experience in accounting, finance, budgeting, and related fields.  For information on the Council, contact the Parish Office - 410-488-0400.